Customer Agreement

The Terms and Conditions of AzadFX company shall govern the

online trading account of the Customer and that the Customer acknowledges that these terms and conditions shall apply to all the

transactions to be concluded through the online trading account and the website of the Company.


  1. The above preamble and any appendix attached hereof constitute an integral part and complete interpretation of this



  1. Laws, Rules and Regulations relating to this Agreement

All the transactions between the Customer and the Company shall be subject to the relevant laws of

the Stock Exchanges (or Central Banks) where the transaction is to be concluded. The

Customer shall be solely responsible to deal with those Stock Exchanges and the company shall not be liable in any way to the

customer for the acts of any authority (government, private or semi government).


  1. Privacy

The company shall maintain the privacy and confidentiality of the information of its customers and shall make available and use

modern techniques for better protection and utmost secrecy of the information. The Company shall not disclose the information

unless required by applicable laws or Supervisory/regulatory authorities. The Company shall take substantial precautions to

safeguard the information of the current and previous Customers or with whom it has dealt with.

1- the company shall not sell the information to third parties:- The Company shall neither sell Customer’s information to any

third parties nor shall license such to other companies. However, the Company shall notify the Customer in advance if it is

required to license the data to others.

2- Information security is the company’s priority:-The Company has put in place various policies and practice that are

designed to protect the privacy of the Customers’ information and the Company evaluate such policies periodically in order to

provide the state of the Art techniques to protect the Customer information.

3- Collection of Customer’s particulars through working Channels:-The company shall collect its Customers data in order

to facilitate the Customers operation and provide efficient services and increase productivity. The Company shall collect and

record the following information about the Customers:

Data contained in the account opening Application and other forms given by the Customer to the company.

Data for trading provided by the Customer through the Company’s Website.

Credit information in order to verify information on customer’s identity and determine customer’s credit standing.

Information regarding Customer’s employment and place of residence.

4- Information sent to others:-Some information may be sent to the supervisory/regulatory authorities in the State pursuant to

the prevailing laws.

5- The company observes the highest standards of accuracy:-The accuracy of the customers’ particulars is as much

important for the company as its customers. For this reason, the company provides its customers with information about their

accounts through trading notices, Statements of account, by telephone through the Customers Relations employees, or via

internet through the company’s website. In case of any inquiries about the correctness of the statements, please call the company



  1. Email Confidentiality

The company uses the email addresses of its customers to provide them with information that facilitates their dealing with the


The company also provides additional services via email such as new issues, announcements concerning the stock exchanges, etc.

Furthermore the company may use the email of the customer to provide him with information about new products and services

or investment opportunities that may attract the Customer’s attention.



5 . Agreement and Attachments

The Customer acknowledges that the Account Application that had been handed over to him by the company and any

applications, forms, Declarations or any subsequent agreements of any kind are considered as an integral part of this Agreement.

The Customer accepts that the Company may change its representatives, who are mentioned in the Articles of the Company and

law and any change thereof by notifying the Customer.


  1. Customer’s Particulars

The Customer represents and warrants that:-

The Account Application submitted by the Customer is incorporated by reference and made a material and integral part of this


All the information contained in the Company’s Account Application Form is true and complete.

The Customer agrees that if any of the information provided by the Customer in the Account Opening Application, the customer

shall make appropriate changes in the Customer account by using the procedures available on the Website of the Company or by

calling the company to obtain further instructions. The Customer authorizes the Company to make such inquiries as it deems

appropriate, at any time, to verify Customer information.

A – If the customer is a natural person (an individual):– The Customer declares and undertakes that he is over 21 years old and

has the legal capacity to undertake investment activities and is also aware of the investment risks.

B- If the client is a company:- The Customer and its authorized representatives represent and warrant that the Customer:

– is authorized pursuant to its Articles of Association of the Company, joint venture agreement, bylaws, Employment Agreement

or other governing documents and the jurisdictions in which the Customer is so registered or regulated (limited to Iraq and

members of Gulf Cooperation Council) to enter into this Agreement and to trade the securities or other investment products to be

traded in the Customer’s Account.

– Is under no legal incapacity.

– Is financially sound.

– Has sufficient experience and knowledge about the risks and characteristics of the securities, options and futures contracts and

other investment products to be traded in the Customer’s Account.

– that the persons which the Customer identifies to the Company as authorized to enter orders and trade on behalf of the

Customer have full power to do so.


  1. Customer Financial Commitment

The customer agrees to pay to the company any current or future trades, debit balances, margin requirements or any other debts

in his account, including but not limited to any remaining deficit in the customer’s account in the event of total or partial

liquidation of the account by the customer or the company. The customer also agrees to pay to the company all the said

obligations immediately. If the balance of the customer account is insufficient to cover the said obligations, the customer shall

grant the company the right to sell any of the assets in his account to cover the debit amounts. The company shall have the right,

at its absolute discretion, to liquidate all or any part of the customer’s assets in any of his accounts, whether those owned

individually or collectively with others (including entering clearance operations) at any time, by any means, and on any

exchange, as deemed necessary by the company, without the need for serving prior notice to the customer. The customer agrees

to be bound to pay the company immediately any deficit arising in the customer’s account from the said liquidation or remaining

after liquidation. An interest on the debit balance shall be charged until payment of the deficit.


8 .Commissions , Fees and Charges

The Customer agrees to pay to the company the brokerage commissions, fees, profits margins and other fees and charges

applicable to his account and/or payable in return for the Customer’s use of services. The Company shall charge the Account

directly for any such fees and other amounts due to the Company (“Dues”) by debiting the Account accordingly. If, at the time

the Company debits the Account for the Dues, the Account’s balance is not sufficient, for the settlement of dues, the Customer

Authorizes the company to liquidate all or any part of Customer’s Asset in any of his accounts to recover the Dues. The company

(at its discretion) may amend the brokerage commission, fees and charges at any time by notifying the Customer.


  1. Liability for Collection Costs

The Customer agrees to pay and shall be liable for all reasonable costs and expenses of any nature

Whatsoever (including but not limited to legal costs) incurred by AzadFX Company

in the collection of any debit balance in the Account(s).

  1. Security Interest

The company shall also, without prior notice to the customer, have the right to transfer any and all the assets from or to any

account held by the company in which the customer has an interest whatever, in the Company’s judgment, such a transfer is

deemed necessary to preserve its interests. In enforcing its security interest, the Company, at its sole discretion, shall determine

the Assets to be sold and the pending contracts or other instruments to be closed out and whether any additional collateral is to be

provided by the Customer. The company may also, without notifying the Customer, use, transfer or sell any of the Customer’s

Assets for applying the mortgage and execute mortgage and In the event of a debit balance in any account, all the Assets held in

any of the Account(s) may be pledged and re-pledged, hypothecated and re-hypothecated or assigned by the Company without

any notice to the Customer, either separately or together with the property of others and for more or less than the amount of such

debit balance. The Company may do so without retaining in its possession or control similar assets of an equivalent value.


  1. Liquidation

The company, (in its sole discretion and) without giving prior notice to the Customer, shall have the right to liquidate all or some

of the Assets in the Customer’s account or buy any short positions in the Account or cancel any open orders for the Account

and/or close out any outstanding contracts or other instruments for the Customer’s Account in any of the following events:

If the Customer becomes insolvent or otherwise unable to pay any debts to others as they become due.

If the Customer is adjudged bankrupt.

If an official receiver is appointed on the Customer’s assets.

If preservative attachment order is issued on the Customer’s accounts.

If a judgment is passed against the Customer’s accounts in the company.

The company may sell or purchase by public auction or making a private sale without any announcement thereof. The Company

may be the purchaser or the seller for its own account in any such transaction and any prior demand, call or notice provided by

the company to the Customer or the time and place of such sale or purchase will not be a waiver of any right to sell or purchase

by the company without making prior demand or providing the Customer notice. No course of dealing between the Customer and

the Company nor any delay by the company in exercising any of its rights or remedies will constitute a waiver thereof. The

Customer indemnifies and holds the Company harmless from all acts, errors, costs or expenses or fees or fines or losses or claims

associated with any of the transactions undertaken by the company. The customer shall be responsible for all the losses resulting

from the Customer’s position notwithstanding the Company’s delay in liquidating or failure to liquidate such positions. If the

company executes an order for which the Customer did not have sufficient funds, the Company shall have the right, without

notice to the Customer, to liquidate the related trade and the Customer shall be responsible for any loss incurred as a result of

such liquidation. The company shall have the right to cancel the futures contracts if the customer does not have sufficient funds

in the Account to settle the final payment to the company in order to affect the sale.


  1. Account Monitoring and Responsibility for Account Accuracy

The Customer agrees that the Company may monitor and/or record any of the Customer’s communications electronic or

otherwise) with the Company. The Customer further agrees and expressly consents that the use of the services and all

communications the Customer has with the Company may be monitored and recorded by the company through the use of

tracking technology. It is not, however, the Company’s duty to monitor the Account for credit or other purposes. The Customer

allows the Company use the information the Company obtains from monitoring and recording the Customer’s activity with the

Company for any purpose the Company deems appropriate, as permitted by law. The customer accepts full responsibility for

monitoring its Account at all times and in particular the Customer agrees to monitor each open order until the Company confirms

an execution or cancellation of the order to the Customer. The Customer shall validate its Account and the accuracy of the placed

orders and immediately inform the Company by telephone/email of any discrepancies that the Customer may find. The Customer

further agrees to immediately notify the Company by telephone/email followed by Courier delivery two days later, in the event


a• The Customer does not find in the trading account an accurate entry Indicating that an order, including a cancellation or

modification of a prior order, was received, is being processed and/or was executed.

b• The Customer does not receive an accurate confirmation of execution;

c• The Customer receives a confirmation of an order and/or a report with respect to the

Execution of a transaction, which the Customer did not place or authorize;

d• Any inaccurate information in the customer account balances or confirmations or securities.

Positions or date of the transactions.

e- .The company shall not be liable and the Customer releases the Company from any responsibility with respect to claims

pertaining to the handling or loss of any order if the customer fails to immediately but in any event not later than 2 (two) business

days, notify the Company by telephone/e-mail of the occurrence of any of these events. In the event that the Company confirms

an execution or cancellation in error and the Customer unreasonably delays to report such error, the Company may in its sole

discretion either to consider that the execution or cancellation effected in error was duly authorized by the Customer who shall

accept the trade or remove the trade from the relevant account.

All account statements shall be deemed accepted and accurate one month after their issuance unless the Customer has within the

one month period, challenged the accuracy of an Account statement and duly notified the Company with sufficient evidence

supporting the Customer’s assertion. The Customer acknowledges and agrees that the Company may adjust the Account in order

to correct an error. The Customer agrees to promptly return to the Company at no cost any Asset registered in the Account by

error and undue to the Customer.


  1. Direct Access to the Marketplace

The Customer acknowledges that the Company does not provide the Customer with direct access to the marketplace on a

permanent basis and does not automatically execute the Customer’s orders. The Company may instead deliver the Customer’s

orders, if accepted by the Company, to executing brokers, exchanges, marketplace or market makers for execution (collectively,

the “Marketplace”). As a result of the number of the involved parties, may occur in executing, canceling or modifying the

Customer’s orders. These delays may be more frequent during periods of heavy trading and/or wide price fluctuations (“Fast

Markets”). The Customer acknowledges that it will receive the price at which its orders was actually executed in the

Marketplace and that this price may be different from the price displayed in the Marketplace or on the Customer’s Access device

at the time the Customer placed the order.


  1. Late and Corrected Reports and Information

The Company may receive late reports from the Marketplace reporting the status of transactions. Accordingly, the Account may

be subject to late reports related to orders which were previously unreported to the Customer as having expired or been cancelled

or executed. The Customer acknowledges that any reporting or posting errors including errors in execution prices, will be

corrected to reflect what actually occurred in the Marketplace and that it will receive the price at which its order was actually

executed in the Marketplace. The Customer may receive a price which is different from the price displayed on the Customer’s

Access Device at the time the Customer placed the Order. The Customer agrees to bear all the consequences, including any

indirect or consequential damages resulting from such errors.


1 6 . The System Failure

Customer acknowledges and agrees that there are risks of trading system or component failure. In the event of system or

component failure the Customer may not be able for certain period of time to execute new orders, execute existing orders or

modify or cancel orders which are previously executed. The system or component failure may also result in loss of orders or

order priority. The company shall not be liable in any manner for any malfunction in the System and orders.


  1. Cancellation and Modification Requests

The Customer agrees that the company cannot guarantee that the Customer’s request to cancel or modify an order the Customer

placed will be effective, regardless of whether such request was submitted prior to receiving notice that the order was executed or

not. The Customer also acknowledges that a requested cancellation or modification of a prior order will not be effected unless the

Company has had sufficient time to forward the request to the relevant Marketplace, the request was received by the

Marketplace, and the Marketplace has matched the request to the relevant Marketplace, the request with the Customer’s order

before it was executed. The Company does not warrant that the Marketplace will match the Customer’s cancellation or

modification request with the Customer’s prior order, regardless of whether such a request was received by the same Marketplace

before the order was executed. The Customer further acknowledges that attempts to modify, cancel or replace an order may result

in an over-execution of the order or the execution of duplicate orders and the Customer shall be responsible for all suchexecutions.


  1. Order Routing
  • All the orders of the Customer shall be executed on first come first served basis. It is to be noted

that all the orders shall be executed through a broker.

  • Order routing system is protected. When a Customer’s order is entered into the system and transmitted for execution, identity of

the Customer remains anonymous.

  • In addition to that the Company has full discretion to provide the best execution order routing option whereby the company’s

system attempts to seek the best available terms for the Customer’s order without any guarantee thereof by the Company.


  1. Restrictions on Trading

Neither the Company nor its officers, directors, or employees or brokers or third party providers will be deemed to have received

any instructions nor order given by the Customer until the Company has actual knowledge of such instruction or order and its

content. All trading instructions and orders shall be communicated by the Customer through the website of the Company or by

telephone. The Company will not and/or has no obligation to the Customer’s orders instructed by email or voice mail even if the

Company is in possession of or has actual knowledge of such email or voice-mail instructions or orders. Further the Company

has the discretion to levy such additional charges for any such off line order as decided by Orion from time to time. The

Customer acknowledges that the Company may at any time, in its sole discretion but for justified reasons, and without prior

notice to the Customer, decline the Customer’s instructions or orders, terminate this Agreement, or prohibit or restrict the

Customer’s ability to trade a particular asset in the Customer’s Account. The Company will not be liable for any losses, lost

opportunities or increased commissions which may result from the Customer’s inability to trade (these assets or products)

through the website of the Company.


  1. Financial Advice

The Customer acknowledges that the Company’s representatives are not authorized to provide investment advice, tax or trading

advice or to solicit orders. The price quotations, market information, news and research (the “information”) available on the

Platform are prepared by exchanges or third parties providers who are independent from the Company (and its affiliates). Neither

the company nor the Third Party providers guarantee the accuracy, timeliness, or completeness of the information and the

Customer shall make its own research and analysis or consult investment advisors before making investment decisions. Any

investment decisions the Customer makes shall be based solely on the Customer’s own evolution of its financial circumstances

and investment objectives. Reliance on quotes, data or other information is at the Customer’s own risk. In no event will the

Company, its affiliates, subsidiaries, related parties or the third party providers be liable for consequential, incidental, special or

indirect damages arising from the use of the information. There is no warranty of any kind, express or implied, regarding the

information, including warranty of merchantability, warranty of fitness for a particular, purpose or warranty of non-infringement.


  1. Electronic Records and Communications

In the interests of timeliness, efficiency and lower costs for the Customers, the Company provides electronic trade confirmation,

account statements and other customer records and communications (collectively, Records and Communications) in electronic

form. Electronic Records and Communications shall be sent to the Customer’s e-mail address. To receive electronic mail from

the company, the Customer is responsible for maintaining a valid email address and the software necessary for the Customer to

read, send and receive emails.

By entering into this Agreement, the Customer consents to the receipts of Electronic Records and communications regarding this

Agreement and all related Customer transactions and dealings with the Company, including confirmations, account statements,

messages and notices of any kind as are required under this Agreement. Further the Customer agrees that any such electronic

records and/or communications shall be valid evidence of the statements contained therein. All communications sent to the

Customer’s e-mail address shall be deemed to have been delivered personally, whether actually received or not.

The Customer shall immediately notify the company of any change in the Customer’s e-mail address by using the procedure to

change a Customer e-mail address available on the Company’s website or by contacting the Company’s for assistance office

(Customer Service).


  1. Customer Responsibility for User Name (ID) and password

The company shall assign one “User Name (ID)”, a “password” and a “trading code” to the customer enabling him to access his

account and trade through the same, collectively or individually all of which shall be called hereinafter as “the trading PIN”. In

the event of a joint account, all the joint account holders will be considered as co-owners of the Account’s user ID. The Customer

shall be responsible for the use and maintenance of the confidentiality of the “the trading PIN” including responsibility for all

orders entered in the Account by the Customer or by any third party duly authorized to use the Customer’s Trading PIN. The

Customer acknowledges that the Company cannot detect whether a person other than the Customer has used or is using the

Customer’s Trading PIN.

Any use of the Customer’s Trading PIN shall be deemed as having been duly authorized by the Customer. The Customer is

liable for any such use and shall store any information such its Trading PIN on one or more personal computer at its own risk and

responsibility. The customer agrees to immediately report any loss or theft of the Trading PIN or any unauthorized access to the

Account by sending notice via e-mail to the company. The Customer further commits to indemnify and hold the Company

harmless against any liability, costs or damage arising out of or in connection with any claims by the customer or any other

account holder or any other party who has links to such unauthorized access or use.




  1. Agreement with Third Parties

The Customer acknowledges and agrees that access to Third Party Provider Services may be terminated immediately in the event

that the agreement between the Company and the relevant Third Party Provider is terminated, whether directly or indirectly. The

Customer acknowledges and agrees that it is the Company’s customer and not a customer of any Third Party Provider or any

other person or entity that has contracted with the Company


  1. Service Charges-Outward transfer of Funds

Outward transfer of funds will be affected to the designated account of the Account Holder specified at the time of the opening of

Account or such designated account as revised thereafter in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement. The Company

shall debit/deduct from the Account such charges as applicable at the time of transfer by the Company.


  1. Credit Information

The Company, without notifying the Customer, shall have the right to exchange the Customer’s personal and credit information

with certain government authorities and other third parties legally entitled to obtain such information, for contract and

compliance purposes. The Company shall have the right to investigate and verify the identity of the Customer for determining the

financial conditions and compliance with certain laws such as laws about money laundering, international boycott and

transactions with specially designated nationals. All other uses of your personal and credit information shall be subject to the

policy of the company. The Customer also authorizes the Company to investigate his background and credit standing (and credit

standing of his wife and children, if any) and to request a report for verify the information about his Identity (Trading PIN) and

the source of the payments to enable the company to determine the eligibility of the customer to open an account and for any

legitimate business purposes. The customer also authorizes the company in this regard to contact such financial institutions.


  1. Joint Accounts

Each joint account holder has the authority, unilaterally and without notice to the other joint account holders to:

  • Buy and sell futures and option contracts,Forex and CFD contracts or other investment products on margin or otherwise.
  • Receive confirmations, Statements and communication of any kind related to the joint account.
  • Withdraw and deposit funds, securities or other assets in the joint account.
  • Close the account or terminate this Agreement or agree on a modification to the Agreement.
  • Generally deal with the Company as if each joint account holder was the sole owner of the joint account. Each joint account

holder agrees that notice to any joint account holder shall constitute notice to all joint account holders. Each joint account holder

further agrees that it shall be jointly and severely liable (with others) to the company in respect of all the matters related to the

joint account.

In the event of death of any of the joint account holders, the surviving joint account holders shall immediately notify the company

by registered mail or by hand delivery to the company. The company may, before or after receiving such notice, initiate such

proceedings, require such documents, retain such portion and/or restrict transactions in the joint account. The heirs of a deceased

joint account holder and the surviving joint account holders shall be liable, jointly and severally, to the Company for any debt or

loss incurred in the liquidation or settlement of the joint account. In the event of the death of any of the joint account holders,

the entire interest of the deceased joint account holder shall be vested in the heirs of the deceased joint account holder(s) on the

same terms and conditions as he/she held, without in any manner releasing the deceased joint account holder’s estate from

liability with respect to the joint account arising before the date of his/her death.


  1. General Terms and Conditions

The customer agrees that the company may change, add, or cancel any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement at any time

by notifying such modification and their effective date on the Company’s website and notifying thereof by e-mail at the e-mail

address as provided to the company. Upon the completion of this procedure the Customer and the Company shall be legally

bound by the modification regardless of whether the Customer receives the e-mail or not. The company may change its services

at any time by making changes on the Website of the company and it shall not be obliged to provide the Customer any separate

notice concerning such change. If the customer does not agree on the amendment, the Customer shall promptly notify the

company by email and promptly cease to using the company’s services except as necessary to close the Account. The customer

acknowledges that the use of the company’s services after the amendments to this agreement or modification to the service shall

be deemed as the Customer’s agreement on the amendments, whether he knew them or not. The Customer acknowledges and

agrees that his use of the Access Device means that he is legally bound by the amendments regardless of whether he is able to

access the text of these terms or their amendments.


  1. Force Majeure

The company shall not be held liable in the event of Force Majeure and emergency situation such as suspension or delay of

trading, war or earthquakes, unrest or communication line failure, electricity or equipment or software failure or any other cause

beyond the control of the parties whether directly or indirectly or unauthorized access or theft or any problem technical or

otherwise, which may prevent the Customer from entering, canceling or modifying an order or prevent the company from acting

on an online order or instructions.


  1. License to use company’s Software and Restrictions thereof

The Company grants the Customer license to use company’s software for trading only whereas the company and the third parties

shall remain the owner of the software including all applicable rights to patents, copyrights, trademarks. The customer shall

secure and protect, as reasonably required, the company’s ownership and rights in the Software and shall not sell, exchange or

otherwise transfer the company’s software to others. The Customer shall also not copy, modify, translate or decompile, reverse

engineer, disassemble, update, replace, amend, enhance or make any additions to the Company’s Software provided to the



  1. Cash Cover to the user margin

The customer agrees and knows that in any case his Margin to Equity Ratio should not be less than ( 5%) five percent of the

account balance in the relevant product, market and currency in which the margin was used.


  1. Company’s limitation of liability

The Customer agrees and acknowledges that the company shall not be liable for any damage, directly or indirectly, which may

result from using such services including, but not limited to, for example the damage resulting from the loss of capital or loss in

the margin profit, realized or unrealized losses, financial markets fluctuation or improper use of the services or unauthorized

entry of others or wrong placing of buy or sell orders or any other matter relating to service.

In no event shall the Company’s liability exceed the highest monthly commissions and fees paid by the Customer to the

Company during the dispute regardless of the amount of the Customer’s damage.


  1. Events of Default

An event of default shall occur:

  • If the Customer breaches, repudiates, defaults in any way the provisions or attachments of this Agreement.
  • If the Customer fails to provide assurance of performance of the obligation satisfactory to the company, if the company, in its

sole discretion, determines that it has sufficient grounds for insecurity with respect to the Customer’s performance of any

obligation and immediately after demand .

  • If any proceedings are commenced against the Customer under any bankruptcy, insolvency relief of debtors or similar law.
  • The Customer makes an assignment for the benefits of creditors.
  • If the Customer provided inaccurate information to the Company or the information which were correct when made but later

became incorrect.

  • If failed to pay any of the dues to the Company.
  • If the Margin to Equity ratio in the Account becomes (5% or less) as contained in clause 31 of this Agreement, and in this case

the company shall have the right to liquidate the assets in the account for which the margin was used for.

The Customer declares that all balances with the company whether carried individually or jointly with others is to be considered

as a guarantee to the company to performance the Customer’s obligations hereunder and (the Customer) indemnifies the

Company against all omissions, costs, expenses, losses, fines, claims or obligations undertaking by the Company or third parties

directly or caused by any of the previous events, the Company shall have the right suspend any or any part of its obligations to

customers. In addition to that the Customer hereby acknowledges that the company shall have the right to liquidate the

Customer’s portfolio or the Customer’s all balances as were pledged to the company.


  1. Settlement

Upon the occurrence of an event of default of any of the provisions of this Agreement, the Company shall have the right, in its

sole discretion and without giving the Customer any additional notice, on any exchange or other market, to forthwith close and

liquidate the Account, terminate any agreement with the Customer, sell any or all of the Customer’s Assets (whether they are

registered in the Customer’s individual Account or in a joint Account) and cancel any pending orders and/or close out any

outstanding contracts or other instruments. The Customer shall no longer be able to access the platform and to initiate Market

Orders. All Cash Margins shall become immediately payable to the Company who will automatically offset all of the Accounts

(whether individuals or joint accounts) and transactions. Any amount remaining after the full recovery by the Company of its

rights shall be recovered by the Customer. The Customer shall further be liable to the Company for the amount of all reasonable

legal and other professional expenses incurred by the Company in connection or as a consequence of an Event of default.


  1. Severability

In the event that a provision of this Agreement becomes invalid or unenforceable by any court or any official or unofficial agency

such provision shall be ineffective to the extent of such invalidity without affecting the remainder of such provision or the

remaining provisions of this Agreement.


  1. Entire Agreement

This agreement and all other agreements between the Customer and the Company in respect of the Account and any terms and

conditions provided in the Company’s Website or in the statements of account and trade confirmations provided to the Customer,

constitute the entire agreement between the Company and the Customer who have made no representations or warranties other

than those expressly provided herein.


  1. Terms and Conditions

This Agreement is subject to the laws and rules of Iraq whereas the general conditions applicable to all the operations in the

regular or parallel market and the futures markets also apply to the accounts of the existing customer with the company. Any

additional assets are provided for the benefit of the Customers and for easy operation. In case of any dispute regarding the terms

of trade, the terms and provisions of the Iraq Stock Exchange shall prevail.


  1. Jurisdiction

The Customer agrees that any dispute arising out of this Agreement between the company and the Customer is subject to the

jurisdiction of the courts of the State of Iraq.


  1. Risk Disclosure statement

The Customer acknowledges that the company “AzadFX “provides its service

only to open an online account for trading and that the Customer is responsible for all kinds of risks resulting from buying or

selling operations. The Customer has full knowledge of dealing in products and securities offered by the Company(AzadFX) which entails a series of risks such as market risk, hedging, and speculative risks including short selling risks, frequent trading , execution and technologyrisks, products risk, currency risks, legal risks, accounting risks, credit risks, foreign country risks, lack of regulatory oversight risks, leverage risks, and tax risks. Investing in products requires an understanding of the nature of financial activities in general and a good knowledge of the nature of the products, the risks involved and a financial ability to bear the prospective losses which may be incurred as a result of the investment in the products.

The Customer also declares that he knows that before starting dealing with the Company (AzadFX company) he should familiarize himself with the nature of and the risks involved by, the financial activities and the investments in

the products, and obtain appropriate advice in connection with the legal, financial, business, accounting, tax and other

implications which are to be considered when investing in the Products. Any advice given by the officers of the Company

(AzadFX )shall not be relied upon when investing in the Products. The provisions contained

herein and the provisions set out in the terms of trading do not purport to be a complete explanation of all risks involved in the

products. The Customer should only rely on his own assessment of the considered investment.

The Customer also declares and acknowledges before signing this Agreement that no guarantee whatsoever can be given by the

Company (AzadFX company) with respect to the distribution of profits and/or returns on the capital

invested in the products. Some of the Products such as derivatives can be highly volatile and are subject to a change in the value

of the underlying asset. The Customer may also be requested to deposit a margin before starting any activity with the Company

(AzadFX company). Trading derivatives instruments will therefore allow him to leverage the

investment by paying only a fraction of the Capital required and still having a full exposure to the fluctuation of the Price of the

underlying assets. The customer should calculate the extent to which the value of the underlying asset must increase for the

position to become profitable, taking into account all transaction costs. The Customer acknowledges that the value of a derivative

instrument may be influenced by a number of factors such as the level of interest rates and the price and volatility of the

underlying asset. The Customer will also be exposed to risks which are proper to the nature of the underlying asset. The

Customer should familiarize himself with these risks prior to entering into derivative transaction.

The customer acknowledges that certain strategies are used to mitigate the risk of entering into a derivative transaction. These

strategies may not be effective in certain circumstances. The strategies using combination of positions may be as risky as taking

simple long or short position. Hedging transactions may require constant monitoring and failure to properly monitor a hedging

transaction can make the position either un-hedged or over-hedged and losses may be incurred. The Customer must monitor his

positions and shall not rely on the Company (AzadFX company) in doing so. The Customer furtheracknowledges that a stop loss does not guarantee that the instrument will be closed at that price or even closed. A Market Order or a limit order does not guarantee that the instrument will be closed or executed at that price or even closed or executed.